Tue. December 12, 2017
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Banks skeptical about Ezwich agents request to issue cards

Some banks have expressed misgivings about the request by Ezwich agents to be allowed to issue cards.

Banks currently issue Ezwich cards, but agents being roped in to offer the service want to also be allowed to sign on individuals to boost patronage.

However, some banks Joy Business has been speaking to say some problematic issues need to be tackled before this can be implemented.

The Head of Ezwich Service at Access Bank, Alexander Walter Annan, said the cost implications must be considered. 

“We are buying devices and cards and if the agents are to issue cards they will need a laptop computer as well as a modem since it is an online thing,” he said.

“If the agent is going to invest that much in the agent to do the issuance, then I think we have to look at the agent as a whole. Should the agents run away with our equipment, it comes down to Know Your Client (KYC)” he added.

However, he said if the KYC is properly done, they are willing to get the agents their devices to issues the cards on their behalf as well as the withdrawals or Point Of Sales (POS) transactions.

The Head of E-Payments at Guaranteed Trust (GT) Bank, Joshua Addo also says the situation is quite dicey and there is a lot they have to consider as a bank.