Tue. December 12, 2017
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About GAB

The Ghana Association of Bankers was formed on May 29, 1980 and is the National Organization of Banks in Ghana. The Association has adopted as its focal points of activities the following objectives in the next few years:

1. To create avenues for making representations to appropriate institutions and bodies of State to consider the views of members of the Ghana Association of Bankers, (Field Operators of the banking System) on issues pertaining to economic, fiscal monetary and other matters as they affect the effective performance of the financial system.

2. In a rapidly changing industry, to give practical expression to the Banking industry's views on new regulatory legislative initiatives at the outset and raising concerns, both general and technical, arising from such initiatives.

3. To carry out research, analyze and disseminate information on issues affecting the banking industry's performance and growth. We intend to Bankers' Newsletter and Annual Journal and by the circulation of member banks Newsletters and other communications.

4. To enhance industry performance especially in the areas of credits by pursuing to fruition the establishment of Credit reference bureau and also the general upgrade of bank personnel through training programmes.

5. To participate and contribute meaningfully to the programmes and activities of the West African Bankers' Association and the proposed West African Monetary Agency.

The GAB’s mission is to support the banking industry in developing the best practices and standards; in advocating regulatory, financial and economic policies that are in the broad interest of its members and foster stability in the financial services industry, and ultimately, engender economic growth for the nation.
More Specifically, to be the voice of banks in Ghana.
GAB is the unified voice of the universal banks established in Ghana. It is a forum where best
To consider, represent and make known the views of its members on legislative, economic and fiscal, acceptance by the practices are exchanged, legislative proposals and initiatives arc debated and common positions adopted.
To serve the interest of the Ghanaian banking industry
GAB represents, defends and promotes the interest of its members, promotes the development of the banking industry, provides value¬adding information, efficient and professional services to its members.



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Current Rates [Tue. 12th Dec. 2017]

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