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What is GAB?

The Ghana Association of Bankers (GAB) is the country's leading mouthpiece for the universal banking sector, currently representing the interests of 34 member banks. Membership brings together all the universal banks as the number in the sector increases. At its inception on 29th May 1980, there were seven universal banks in Ghana against the current figure of 34. GAB supports and promotes policies and initiatives that balance both the interest of banks, and the wider public benefit. In consonance with similar global bodies, GAB's work is underpinned by three core priorities:

  • Helping customers - both households and businesses
  • Promoting growth, including supporting Ghana as the financial gateway to West Africa
  • Raising Standards - both professional and ethical.
  • The production and promotion of this Ghana Banking Code is part of the priorities of the association.

    Core Values of GAB

  • We, the members of GAB, are connected by a common purpose, operation
    together to promote an effective banking system in Ghana.
  • We recognize that a bank is a trustee and custodian of money belonging to the
    members of the public and in order to fulfill our fiduciary obligations and responsibilities,
    we have to maintain and continues to enjoy the trust and confidence of the public at large.
  • Operating in our individual banks, we aim to serve our respective stakeholders
    through our businesses both in Ghana and beyond.
  • We are aware that our decisions and actions affect the daily lives of our stakeholders.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for the disciplined management of risk and for doing the right thing
  • The universal banks that subscribe to the standards are listed above.
  • GAB is committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.
  • The public judges GAB by our actions as associates.
  • Current Rates
    [Tue. 8th Aug. 2017]

    USD - GHS 4.3736 4.3780 4.3758
    GBP - GHS 5.7019 5.7093 5.7056
    CHF - GHS 4.5003 4.5030 4.5016
    AUD - GHS 3.4627 3.4696 3.4662
    CAD - GHS 3.4660 3.4682 3.4671
    DKK - GHS 0.6914 0.6920 0.6917


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      18 , 2017


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      18 , 2017


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      18 , 2017

      OUTLOOK 2017

    The GAB’s mission is to support the banking industry in developing the best practices and standards; in advocating regulatory, financial and economic policies that are in the broad interest of its members and foster stability in the financial services industry, and ultimately, engender economic growth for the nation. More Specifically, to be the voice of banks in Ghana.

    GAB is the unified voice of the universal banks established in Ghana. It is a forum where best To consider, represent and make known the views of its members on legislative, economic and fiscal, acceptance by the practices are exchanged, legislative proposals and initiatives arc debated and common positions adopted. To serve the interest of the Ghanaian banking industry GAB represents, defends and promotes the interest of its members, promotes the development of the banking industry, provides value¬adding information, efficient and professional services to its members.

    GAB aspires to be the exemplary trade body on the basis of the distinctive status. Members and the users of our services will thrive because of our unparalleled combination of quality and breadth; high standards; our open, collaborative and innovative culture. As a national association of the universal banks, GAB would progressively be committed to being the most influential body of financial institution.

    Core values are inviolable commitments that express “who we are as a trade body” and what principles or qualities should infuse all practices and activities within the body. More specifically; Purpose, operating jointly and severally to promote an effective banking system in Ghana. Each member recognises that a bank is a trustee and maintained.

    Operating within individual banks, members aim to serve respective stakeholders through businesses both within and beyond Ghana. Members are aware that their decisions and actions affect the daily lives of stakeholders. The members of GAB, jointly and severally hold themselves accountable for the disciplined management of risk and for doing the right thing.