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Vishing is a bit like phishing, but instead of using emails or messages, the bad guys use phone calls to trick you. They pretend to be someone they’re not, like a bank representative, tech support, relative from abroad or even a friend, to get your personal information.

Here are some tips to stay safe from vishing:


  1. Be cautious with unknown callers: If you receive a call from a number you don’t recognize, be careful about giving out any personal information. It’s okay to be skeptical and ask questions.
  2. Verify the caller: If someone claims to be from a bank, ask for their name, department, and a callback number. Then, check if it’s genuine by looking up the official phone number of your bank and calling them back using the official phone number.
  3. Avoid sharing sensitive info: Never give out your passwords, Ghana Card Number, Bank card details, or any other personal information over the phone unless you’re absolutely sure about the caller’s identity.
  4. Don’t rush: Scammers often try to create a sense of urgency to make you act quickly. Take your time to think before sharing any information or making a decision.
  5. Block suspicious numbers: If you get repeated calls from unknown or suspicious numbers, consider blocking them on your phone to avoid further contact.
  6. Keep your personal info private: Be careful about sharing personal details on social media or other public platforms. Scammers might use that information to sound more convincing during a vishing call.